VB-Betoni Oy has been delivering concrete elements and ready-mixed concrete ever since it was founded in 1993.

It is engaged in the delivery of elements throughout Finland, as well as in northern Sweden and northern Norway.

The company is located in Vaala, around 92km from Oulu in the direction of Kajaani.

The staff includes 38 professionals in the concrete sector, of whom 32 work in the production side and the rest in the company's administration.

Our modern offices were built in 1990 and expanded in May 2000. At the beginning of March 2006 we completed a new production hall for tile and frame production.

In our factory, there is a computer controlled concrete facility and a laboratory that meets quality control requirements.

The concrete facility's logistics were completely updated in the summer of 2007.

The company's internal quality system is ISO 2002 compliant. The factory falls within Inspecta Oy's inspection area.